Friday, November 4, 2016

The Most Important Candidate In Your Life

I was scrolling through the countless posts on Facebook, seeing people passionately supporting or loathing a particular candidate. I was about to shut my computer and give up for the day when this meme caught my attention and got me thinking.

I suppose it was meant to be funny considering that many people are not to happy with either of their choices. But let’s think about it more deeply for a moment. What if we really did focus on the soon coming of Jesus and His government? What if that topic permeated the newsrooms and every Facebook page? What if there were debates on His character and the character of the prince of this world? I wonder whom the world would lean towards. 

When you feel passionately about a candidate you have a burning desire for everyone to know the truth about his or her character. This issue is a matter of grave importance. It is vital because you want your friends and family to make the right decision. You feel like their future life on this planet depends upon it. Whether they will be ruled under a fair and just government or one that will use coercion and threaten to get their agenda established is a matter not to be weighed lightly.

But what does their future really depend upon? Since the beginning of time on this earth, God's character has been misunderstood. His “name” or reputation has been smeared for thousands of years. Just as we see public executions of politicians right before our eyes, Jesus too, was crucified physically after being crucified in the courts of public opinion. His acts of benevolence were scrutinized and seen with judgmental ridicule and excused as being done through the power of evil. At that time, you couldn’t convince most of the crowd that He was the son of the Living God. The one God literally sent to love and heal us and reflect His thoughts and feelings about the Father!

Right now he's working to gather together those who are listening and longing to know more of Him. Is that you? He wants us to understand who He is so we can campaign for Him! We can let the world know what He is really like. We can share our personal testimony of what Jesus did for us. Jesus longs to cast away all of our fears with his perfect love so we can fearlessly stand in any political, economical and physical climate for Him. Then we can easily proclaim the truth about Him to the world. But first, we must understand that truth.

The truth about God's character is the only thing that can really set us free! We're worried about our freedom being preserved in this country but chains of unbelief already bind us. We lack trust in God because we really don’t know Him personally. We’ve only read about Him or heard about his life but haven’t experienced his love, forgiveness and healing for ourselves.

All too often we believe the devil.We fight, we argue, we freak out every other moment (and I'm including myself here). Many have turned to drinking and drugs just to get through the day. That's not freedom! There is true freedom only when all of our fears are removed. When that happens we can stand in the living judgment, this time of probation left on earth. We can receive the healing from Him now and reflect Him more every day through His grace. We will be His ambassadors. This is what God wants to do for His people! (1Jn 4:17)

We serve a God who has everything in His loving hands, a God who died to give us a chance to live with out fear. We serve a God who has OUR BEST GOOD in His heart and His perfect plans, a God who never fails, who protects us, and fights for us. We have a God who promises to finish the good work He has started in our hearts and will meet all of our needs. We have a God who knows the full truth about his children. There is nothing hidden from Him and He loves you immensely. He longs to show you areas that cause you fear and have paralyzed you from reflecting Him. He is a true friend that reveals things that no one else could know and desires to bring you to a life of freedom. We don't need to protect ourselves any more. There is no need or time for anxiety and worry. Don't defend yourself; let God be your defense.

We know through scripture that things are going to get worse and worse, then much worse in this world! But in conjunction with the escalade of war and violence all around us our hearts and our families can get deeper and deeper healing making us stronger and stronger in Him. As the darkness closes in on this world our lives can shine brighter and brighter, our joy become deeper and deeper! This is an exciting time for the followers of Jesus and those who will answer the call.
Why was Jesus so strong? He knew THE TRUTH. His kingdom is NOT of this world. He trusted His Father. He knew what His Father was like in nature and He felt safe. Jesus only did what His Father asked Him to do. Jesus said only what His Father asked Him to say. He could do that because He knew it was right and for our best good. They had that kind of relationship; they spent that kind of time together. We need to be that confident in our Savior, we need to know our Heavenly Father as Jesus did. We can only do this because of what Jesus did to pave the way by showing us the Father. What a wonderful revelation!

Do you think Jesus looks back on the cross or His life here and regrets that pain of those moments? No! He did it for the joy set before Him. We must do the same! We are His Joy and He must be ours. Making room for Him in our hearts must be our passion and our study. I could go on and on because the whole bible is screaming this truth to us. The true important decision being made right now is not which candidate we will pick for president. The devil wants to divide our families, our homes , our nations over two candidates diametrically opposed to one another. The devil wants to get our eyes off the real candidate that desires our allegiance and devotion.

Come Lord Jesus is my vote today and every today. I will not let this election divide me from my brothers and sisters as I make the pilgrimage to my eternal“home” , the place we all were designed and created to inhabit in perfect peace. This is just a short journey here, this is not our home.

Will we believe God's truth or the Devil's lies ? Is Jesus the candidate for the King of all Kings in your life? Your future depends on your decision today and every day until He comes.

If you are disturbed by the evil in this world and want to make a difference, you can. The difference will be made one heart at a time and it must start with our own being filled by the truth about God’s love for us, His character. Then you will be able to fulfill his perfect law, to "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'’ Luke 10:27 I can almost Jesus declare in the very next verse “ Do this and live”. Let’s change our focus and lift our eyes to Jesus, the real candidate lets choose life together today!

I would like to thank my friend Meg Smyth for collaborating on this post with me!

Post by Kathryn Styer I'm a wife and mommy of 3 girls ages 5,7,11. They get to see my real self and love me anyway. I believe in a simple, minimalist life with no clutter but you would never know that if you walk in to my house. I'm passionate about Jesus and the work he is doing for us in the Sanctuary. I love to teach people about that healing work through group classes and one on one. I long to do a better and better job of that as he works on me. I believe Jesus is coming super soon and I wan't to take everyone there with me.

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