Thursday, October 6, 2016

Where are Your Roots?

"Blessed in the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is found in Him. He shall be like a tree planted by the water, who spreads his roots through the ground. He never fears when heat comes, his leaves are always green. He never worries in years of drought and never fails to bear fruit." Jer 17:7,8

My husband surprised me on my birthday last year with this piece of art by Seth from Creature Gallery in Thomas, WV. I almost cried as I realized how perfectly it expressed the truth that God had been bringing to my heart over the past several months. Like every tree we all have roots, the problem is that we've connected those roots to false sources of strength. We've protected ourselves from the things we fear by connecting with self, with other people,and the material things of this world with lies. The result is bad fruit and a withering tree. If you are in the middle of a drought, if all your sources of strength are failing you, if you fear you may just shrivel up and die, if you have nothing left to give, reach out your roots to a new source!

Our roots need to be reaching down, reaching deep to that source of living water. Then when the heat is on, when the world has nothing left to offer, WE STAND. We stand in confidence and trust. We know where our roots are. We feel the refreshing waters from the throne of God (rev 22:1) flowing through our veins. We have no needs that are not already being supplied by our Heavenly Father, our Heavenly Husband. We can stand tall and strong in the middle of a parched land where everything around us is dying and offer the fresh fruit of our faith and love to a starving, famine stricken world.

The living water will not lack, the source is sure. Psalms 36 reminds us again and again that in every situation that can be thrown our way GOD's LOVE NEVER FAILS. Have you ever stopped to think about the verse in 1 John 4:18 that say's, "perfect Love cast out fear"? Why does perfect love cast out fear? Because when we are connected to His perfect love, we know that His true love can never fail us, that ALL of our needs are met in Him! If all of our needs are met in Him then what can we have to fear? What else do we need? The world can be crashing around us and we can stand like a strong tree knowing that our deepest strongest roots are connected to the source of all life.

Reach to that river of life, the source of perfect love, reach out for truth. Ask Him and He will give you living water.

This post was written by: Kathryn Stryer
authorI'm a wife and mommy of 3 girls ages 5,7,11. They get to see my real self and love me anyway. I believe in a simple, minimalist life with no clutter but you would never know that if you walk in to my house. I'm passionate about Jesus and the work he is doing for us in the Sanctuary. I love to teach people about that healing work through group classes and one on one. I long to do a better and better job of that as he works on me. I believe Jesus is coming super soon and I wan't to take everyone there with me.
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