Saturday, June 25, 2016

Spiritual Life of a Busy Mom

It has been quite a while since I posted anything! Between a 2 year old that is super busy during the day, and a 6 month old that has sleep issues at night,I have been struggling! I'm so tired, not sure coffee does anything for me anymore! It's been a challenge for me to find time to spend with God. I know that sounds terrible to say but it's true. I've been slowly learning how to spend time with him in this busy season of life. It can be tough to find a balance between busy kids, housework, spending time with God and your spouse too.

First, I recognize that children are such a blessing and a gift. They are not an interruption, a mistake, or a hindrance to God's will for my life; they are God's will and for my life and part of his plan. With that being said, here are some tips to spend your time with God. It looks different but remember you will be in different places in life and need to adjust to make room for what's important, and we all know Jesus is the most important!

Facebook, Twitter, TV, texts. These are all great resources to keep in touch with loved ones, but be careful, it can consume a lot of time. I have a small retail store on Poshmark and I make a constant effort to make sure it isn't taking time away from my kids and husband. You could also use some of those times to read a short devotion.

Read Outloud
Lately, my 2 year old has been interested in reading. She has some great devotional like books and bibles created for her understanding. I like to read them to her, it benefits us both.

Nap Time
If I'm lucky enough to get both kids asleep at the same time, I usually go nuts cleaning the house, but I'm doing that less and less. Instead of every day, maybe every other or every 2 days I keep up with the basics of cleaning.The truth is the house will be a disaster again after they wake up anyway. Instead, I try to relax and rest and read during this valuable quiet time. I can always mop the floors later.

Shower Time
I love taking long, hot showers in the evening while my husband hangs out with the babies. It's so relaxing to me and it's a great place to think, plan and talk to God. It's true you can talk to Him anytime and anywhere but the shower is a nice, quiet place to reflect on your day.

Just Ask Him
Ask God to show you discernment and what will work for your family. Every family is uniquely made.. Since it is God's will for you to know Him, ask Him to enable you to create new ways to work with this season of your life. Houses, cars and other stuff will all pass away. We won't regret time invested in His Word and in raising our kids to love Christ.

I would love to hear your suggestions too! I find that most people like to email me instead of posting in the comment section. You can do either or!

This post was written by: Veronica HurstauthorI am the author of Wonderfully Live Blog, I am a follower of Jesus, a wife and a mother of 2 amazing children. I love spending time with my family, writing, reading, baking, and gardening. I strive to use the talents God has given me to bring people to Him, and to glorify Him. I am so thankful for my family.
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