Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Accepting the Unexpected

I love structure! I love schedules, predictability, symmetry, parallel lines (haha) and everything else that goes along with structure! I might even be a little bit on the obsessed side.  There is something about checking off completed tasks that make me feel so happy and accomplished. A day filled with schedules, efficiency and routine sounds amazing, and also unrealistic. for the most part, my days are organized and somewhat follow an outlined agenda, but I definitely do not complete everything on my "to do" list. Especially with children! Yesterday I planned to do a load of laundry, dishes and clean the bathrooms during nap time, but silly me, my kids wouldn't nap yesterday!

I wake up (ever so slowly!) with the greatest intentions of making the most out of my day but there are always unexpected twists, bumps and curves. I am currently learning to "embrace" the unexpected. God is training me to accept any disturbances in my "schedule" with the expectation of a cheerful and trusting heart. I am learning that when I am faithful and joyful despite circumstances, the Holy Spirit brings strength and peace to my soul.

It is good to be organized and prepared, but also to go with the flow of changes that occur. I am learning daily to surrender my day, and how I think my days should go and letting God direct my steps. His ways are always best! Things will change at any given moment, sometimes they are good changes and sometimes they are not (at least not in that moment) but remember when things aren't going as planned that God "withholds no good from His children "(Psalm 84:11) and try to use every moment as an opportunity to be obedient to God and rejoice in Him.


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