Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Anxiety and Worries

It is human nature to worry and to be anxious. Take a look around this world, there is so much going on that results in legitimate concerns and worries, but when we try to control our own anxieties, it can dominate our lives resulting in constant worry and stress. We need to remember that God exists! He is powerful and cares for us deeply.

I often think about how much I love my little girl and cannot fathom that God loves us so much more then we are capable of loving out own children. That is a lot! The best escape is to hand over everything to God, who is in control of everything. He is aware of our needs and can free us from anxiety. Anxiety should draw us closer to God, don't push Him away when He is waiting to help us.Give your anxiety, worries and concerns of the day to God ( I have to every morning in order to stay focused on the bigger picture an purpose he has for my life) and will replace in with peace.

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  1. I often find myself being anxious and worrying about all sorts of things from my life. But I soon realize I don’t have any control over most things and because I don’t like to be in this state of mind I immediately choose to release my worries. I just say “I release my worries to Him who can solve everything” and I repeat this 20-30 times, with my eyes closed. While I say the words, I can feel that feeling of being light as a feather and I sense my worries going away.


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