Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Cleaning Part III: The Bathroom's

Hopefully your kitchen and family room is sparkling clean by now. We are now on part 3 of spring cleaning! This week we will focus on spring cleaning bathrooms. Bathrooms are the smallest part of the house, but also the least favorite place to clean. I will take you through a quick and easy cleaning checklist. Lets begin now.

Removing and Sorting Items
First, remove all objects from the bathroom, curtains (window and shower), towels, shower rugs sink and vanity drawers; as well as medicine cabinets and everything from the shower. Now is the time to go through everything, toss what you do not need and make sure items have not already expired. If you have medicine that you no longer need or that expired you can call your local pharmacy to learn how to properly dispose it. 

Laundry and Scrubbing
Now that you have removed and sorted through everything you can spray the shower/tub with a disinfecting cleanser and let it sit for a few minutes. Now,  start a load of laundry to clean rugs and curtains (if you have multiple bathrooms, wash everything at once). Wipe down all surfaces, inside and out. This includes scrubbing the tub, sanitizing drawers, toilets, baseboards, and dusting vents. You can also clean mirrors, faucets and towel racks.

Sweep, Mop and Organize
Now you can sweep the floor/ mop, and place the area rugs, curtains (anything you washed) back into place. You will also need to organize and put everything away that you removed from the bathroom in step 1, but only if it belongs in the bathroom.

*If you have a linen closet, go ahead and make sure everything is neatly folded and organized.

This may seem like a lot of work, but after a year, each room need's a deep cleaning treatment. You will feel better once it is done. Remember you can easily make your own disinfectant cleaners that are non toxic, you can visit my blog post for directions by clinking here.


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