Monday, April 20, 2015

Natural Mosquito Repellents

With lovely weather heading our way, we are all eager to get outside and enjoy the sun! The one thing that prevents me and my family from spending time in our back yard around the month of June is the mosquito problem we have every summer! Those little suckers sure know how to ruin a good time! Not only are they an annoyance, they are also a health concern because of the viruses they can carry. This year, I am trying natural ways to repel mosquito' s along with the traditional ways such as candles, dryer sheets and a little bit of bug spray. I found 5 plants that are easy to manage, inexpensive that mosquitoes and other pests do not like to be around. Grow the following plants in your problem area's and make sure you do not have stagnant water sitting in those areas too, water attracts mosquitoes.


I love the strong scent of lavender! Lavender get's its lovely scent from it's essential oils that are in the leaves of the plant. This plant is extremely easy to maintain. It is hardy and drought resistant. It needs sun and space to spread. You can even take the lavender bud and rub it on your skin when mosquitoes are bothering you.


 Rosemary is useful in more than one way. They repel mosquito's and you can use it for seasoning your food.  Rosemary works well in dishes such as lamb, red meat's, fish and chicken dishes as well as most pasta dishes. Rosemary does best in hot, dry locations and will grow in containers for you.


 Basil gives off a scent that most pests do not like. This herb should be kept damp, and it you should plant it in a location that drains well, in a sunny spot. You can also plant it in a container and use it to cook with. Try making fresh pesto with your homegrown basil, I have done it before and it is absolutely delicious!

Citronella Grass

 Citronella grass is the most commonly used ingredient in mosquito repellent. It has a fresh citrus scent that compliments the lavender plants we discussed above. Use this low maintenance plant in area's where you are having problems with mosquitoes. Plant in sunny area. You can also use your citronella oil fro aroma therapy.


Marigold's are annual plants, and are extremely easy to maintain. They do not need a lot of attention. Marigold's are considered border plants, they are pretty and mosquito's hate the smell of them.


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