Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Reinventing Modesty: MIKAROSE Boutique Interview

"Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, 
with modesty and self-control..." 
1 Timothy 2:9

It can be so hard to find modest clothing these days that are still stylish! If you have been out and about you will notice the lack of material length and width wise in women's tops, dresses and skirts! I also struggle finding dresses that are appropriate and elegant. Luckily there is a store that is committed to creating modest and awesome clothing for women! 

"MIKAROSE is a clothing company that specializes in modest, elegant and fashionable clothing. Our company's idea evolved when the owners realized how difficult it was to find modest dresses in today's market. We are sure you have had similar experiences when looking for a modest dress. After many frustrating outings, we formed Mikarose. Our goal is to provide an extensive line of modest dresses, tops and skirts, without having to sacrifice style. You will be able to wear our line to a broad range of functions: from everyday events to corporate parties. We hope to not only meet the needs of women looking for modest wear, but all those who are seeking elegant styles."

I had the privileged of conducting an interview with Carlee Foust, the Social Media Director of MIAKROSE. I want to support this clothing store and share with you information about it.

Tell us about yourself, what do you do at MIKAROSE?
My name is Carlee and I am the Social Media Director at MIKAROSE. I enjoy being able to represent our company on all of our Social Mediums. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Website, and Blog. I enjoy being able to help women find modest clothing in a world where it is hard to find very many options of modest clothing.

When did the clothing company start and why?
We started almost 10 years ago, because there was a need for modest clothing. We have enjoyed growing over the past 10 years and helping so many women.

I know there are MIKAROSE stores, but what other stores carry your brand?

We have one MIKAROSE Store in Orem, UT. We also do Wholesale with Boutiques all over the world. To find out if there is a location near you, you can message us on Facebook!

What kind of events do you host?
We have lots of Store Events. We have Ladies Night happening this upcoming weekend in our store. For more details visit us on Facebook.

I saw that Jessa Duggard’s used a MIKAROSE bridesmaid dresses for her wedding, has anyone else used MIKAROSE bridal items that people would recognize?
We loved seeing Jessa choose our Ellie Dress for her Bridesmaids. We have had many bloggers where our clothing to big events and have had our clothing featured on the television show Granite Flats and others. We love being able to provide clothing for big events in all women’s lives.

What items are the most popular?

Our dresses are our most popular items! Our latest Spring Items have been a huge hit. Be sure to visit our website www.mikarose.com or our store at the University Mall in Orem, UT to buy a new outfit for this upcoming season!

You can visit the store by clicking on any of the pictures on this blog post.



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