Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Cleaning Schedule Part 1: Kitchen

With spring right around the corner, it can be overwhelming to organize and clean everything in the house that sat and collected dust all fall and winter. For some reason, I love to clean, I guess I love the feeling of having a clean and organized home. I feel like I can think clearer! I understand not everyone shares my love for cleaning, so each week, I will post easy steps to spring clean each room in the house to prepare for spring. Today, we will focus on the kitchen, you can either complete all the tasks in one day, or spread it out Monday- Friday to make it more bearable. There is a free printable spring cleaning kitchen check list below.

If you are interested in making your own non- toxic cleaning supplies, see my blog post Inexpensive, Green and Clean for directions on how to make effective house hold cleaners.

I can't say my kitchen is a disaster, but that is the one place that is used everyday. Usually, I make sure the dishes are done, counters are wiped clean and other basics. However, here is how to thoroughly spring clean your kitchen.

Eliminate Clutter
First, you want to eliminate clutter. Any items that do not belong in the kitchen should be removed, but don't set it in another room and create even more clutter! Find where it belongs and put it away (trash can, file cabinet, etc.) If you have to many spatulas, cutting boards, or any other item donate it if it is in good shape, or throw it away, you don't want your kitchen to look like this!

Ceiling's, Floor's and Window's
Next, dust and clean corners of the kitchen, walls, ceilings and floors. Look for stains and spills and while your at it, clean the base boards. If you have windows, clean the blinds and windows (if you have curtains now is the time to wash them).

Oven and Refrigerator
Clean your oven and refrigerator. Some of you will have self cleaning ovens which is awesome. If you are like me and have an older oven you'll need to clean it out the old fashioned way, enough said about that. To clean out the refrigerator, go through food and discard anything that is expired or looks sketchy (chicken from 2 weeks ago tucked into the back bottom corner!). Remove all items and wipe down your refrigerator.

Clean out the pantry and spice rack. Make sure you remove items and clean. There was a ton of spilled spices in my cabinet I had to wipe away.

Floors and Surface's
Now clean all surfaces of your kitchen. Remove all items and wipe everything clean. Do not wipe around items, this is after all a thorough spring cleaning! Now is the time to mop and scrub your floors as well.

Printable Spring Cleaning Schedule for the Kitchen

Now you can enjoy your clean kitchen!

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