Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Cleaning Part II: The Family Room

Two weeks ago, I wrote a post on spring cleaning and we started with the kitchen and today we will discuss spring cleaning your family room. Again, this is a schedule that you can spread throughout the entire week to make this process as stress free as possible! The same outlined below can be applied to your living room as well if you have both in your home.

Windows & Dusting
Start by removing your curtains and washing them. Make sure you read the directions so you do not ruin them. If you have blinds, now is a good time to clean them thoroughly, you might be surprised to find out how much dust the blinds will collect throughout he year! There are awesome cleaning supplies that make it easy to clean blinds (see products below). Now that everything is removed (or pull the blinds up) give the windows a nice clean inside and outside if possible. There is a trick I learned when it comes to cleaning windows. It sounds crazy, but using newspaper is the best way to clean windows. Just spray the windex or homemade window cleaner and wipe it down with newspaper. Using newspaper leaves zero streaks on the window. Its actually quite amazing! It is also a great way to recycle old newspapers.

You can also dust and remove cob webs (if there are any) at this time. Dusting includes ceilings, fans, corners of walls, baseboards, etc.

Collect & Organize
Collect all items that are out of place and put it away where it belongs. You may find items your no longer want or need, you can put it in a bag to donate or try selling it on ebay. While you are picking up, you may find trash and recycle items as well, such as old magazines, etc. Don't forget to look underneath sofas as well. Once you collect items, you can now organize them. Baskets are awesome to organize and hide clutter. You can use it for CD's, DVD's, Games, Books, children's toys and much more.

Polish Furniture
Polishing furniture can be a daunting task, if you have a lot of it, but remember you do not have to complete all of the steps in one day, you can spread this plan out over a week. The best way to polish furniture inside and out is to do it while you are going through items to keep, give away and organize. Once you remove items from the surface and inside, wipe the furniture down clean.


Vacuum & Shampoo
If you have carpet, you might want to vacuum and shampoo the carpet. You can rent carpet cleaning machines at most grocery stores and it really inst all that expensive. Your carpet may not look dirty but it is always shocking to see the dirty water from the cleaning machine! Carpet can contribute to allergies so make sure it is clean. If you have other type of flooring such as wood or vinyl, sweep it and steam it or mop it. Make sure you reach underneath furniture. You can also vacuum and spot clean sofas.

That is it for week 2 of spring cleaning! You can print the spring cleaning check list this link:

Spring Cleaning Schedule for the family room

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