Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Different Types of Intelligence: How Are You Smart?

There are days when I think to myself "man, i'm such an idiot".(haha). I'm sure everyone has been there before, but the thing is that we all have our own intelligence's. I recently learned about multiple intelligence from listening to Dr. Kathy Koch. I have not yet read her book, but I will! My husband is currently reading it and immediately pointed out my main type of intelligence- which is picture smart. It's not that we only have one kind of "smart" we are just more dominate in certain kinds. Check out the list below, and the book. You can learn about and better understand your whole family (husband and children). It also gives tools to help you improve all areas, but are adapted to the way you learn best. I guess I need to start working on my math skills!

The information below was taken directly from this website:, click on the link to learn more!

Eight SmartsLinguistic Intelligence
When using the word-smart part of the brain, we think with words. If we’re particularly smart in this area, we can argue, persuade, entertain, and/or instruct effectively through the spoken word. We tend to be masters of literacy: we read a lot, write clearly, listen intently, and/or speak well.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
When using the logic-smart part of the brain, we think with questions. Traits of logically inclined people include the ability to reason, sequence, categorize, and think in terms of cause-effect and comparison-contrast relationships.
Spatial Intelligence (picture smart)
When using the picture-smart part of the brain, we think with visuals and our eyes. People who are picture smart are very sensitive to visual details. We have the ability to observe, transform, and re-create different aspects of the visual-spatial world.

Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence
When using the body-smart part of the brain, we think with movement and touch. The evidence of body intelligence can be seen in large motor and/or small motor skills and interests. We are talented in controlling our body movements and/or in handling objects skillfully. We may enjoy physical pursuits like walking, sports, dancing, acting, or camping and/or we may be skilled at activities like sewing, carpentry, or model-building.

Musical Intelligence
When using the music-smart part of the brain we think with rhythms and melodies. Musically gifted people are able to hear, appreciate, and/or produce rhythms and melodies. We often have a good ear, can sing in tune, keep time to music, and listen to different musical selections with some degree of discernment.

Naturalist Intelligence
When using the nature-smart part of the brain, we think with patterns. People who would rather be outdoors than indoors may be strong in this smart. We tend to love animals and are knowledgeable about them. We also are skilled at recognizing and classifying plants, minerals, and animals. The ability to recognize cultural artifacts like cars or sneakers may also depend on this smart.

Interpersonal Intelligence
When using the people-smart part of the brain, we think with people. When it’s a strength, we’re able to discern and then respond to moods, intentions, and desires of others. Therefore, we tend to be leaders. We have the ability (for good or bad) to get inside another person and view the world from that individual’s perspective.

Intrapersonal Intelligence
When using the self-smart part of the brain, we think with reflection. People strong in this smart can use our self-understanding to enrich and guide our lives. We tend to enjoy quiet times of deep soul-searching. We are fiercely independent, highly goal-directed, and intensely self-disciplined.

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