Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Free Meal Planning Template

What's for dinner tonight? If you are anything like me, it is an afterthought. I absolutely love to cook, but it became stressful after my husband and I had our first child. I didn't have a plan and it was chaotic trying to thaw the chicken and find spices to throw on it, hoping it would taste halfway descent.

 At home, we have a budget for monthly meals, that's when I decided to start to actually plan my meals, and man was this a time saver! Having a monthly plan that that visually shows me what to make on a specific day of the week, having a shopping list with estimated cost's and a recipe index makes a world of a difference! I have more time when I get home and I am making healthy, delicious meals. It is a simple concept, yet it takes effort to turn it into a habit.

Saves Time and Money
I was talking to a teller at the bank, don't ask me how we got on the subject of how expensive groceries are these day, but she told me that her family spend a ridiculous amount of money per month on food and most of it spoiled and went to waste anyway. With meal planning, your only buying exactly what you need, and what is on the list. Start by collecting recipes you like and pricing items (where can I get this for the least amount of money). Also, try to keep in mind that freezing items can be a great idea. It keeps it fresh, and doesn't loose nutritional value. Just remember to remove the item from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator the day before you want to use it, that way it thaws safely. 

Not a Fan of Cooking?
If you aren't a fan of cooking, there are thousands of simple ingredients available all over the web! Crock pot recipes are low effort meals that taste amazing (check out my crock pot chicken recipe).

Save and Print the Free Monthly Meal Planner Kit

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