Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Coconut Oil Craze

I use spectrum, just make sure it is organic and unrefined.

Coconut oil is the new Windex! (you will only get that if you have seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding) you can use it for just about everything! and I pretty much do use it for everything. Coconut oil is best when bought pure and unrefined. I like to get Spectrum organic coconut oil. It can range anywhere from $5- $10, depending where you buy it. Wholefoods surprisingly has this available for $5. Amazon also sells it in bulk oz, a little pricier up front, but lasts forever! It comes in a jar in solid form. Once you touch it or rub it between your fingers, it will melt immediately.It lasts a long time too.
I first used it as a hair treatment. If changing your hair color is considered a hobby, then that is my hobby. Highlights are fun, but they do a number on my hair! Now, I let my hair soak in coconut oil once a week and it much more healthy. It doesn't look fried anymore. Yay for supermodel hair!

Here are some other ways in which you can use coconut oil.

Remove Stubborn Makeup
Rub some coconut oil on a cotton ball and I guarantee you it will remove your raccoon eyes. All of your eyeliner and mascara will rub right off. The best part is there are no chemicals in it, it wont hurt your eyes or your skin.

Daily Moisturizer
You can use coconut oil instead of lotion. When you get out of the shower, apply to your skin. It will feel oily at first, but you skin will absorb all of it and leave your skin soft to the touch. Good bye ashy elbows!

Taming Frizzy Hair
The key to taming frizzy hair with coconut oil is to use a very small amount. If you use to much, you will look like you haven't showered in days, trust me. Use just a little bit and it will keep that summer time frizz tame.

This truly heals sore lips, and lasts much longer then any chapstick I have ever used.

Kill's Lice
If you have children, there may come a day where you will need this. First, rinse the scalp and hair with apple cider vinegar, then apply coconut oil liberally all over scalp and hair. Wrap hair and leave it for a few hours. Use the comb made for lice treatments, and wash the hair. I haven't personally used this one but I know people that have.

After tending to scrapes and wounds, use coconut oil as a protective barrier against dust and dirt.

Replace other oils you use with coconut oil.
Easily replace butter when baking.

Use coconut oil to bake! I use it instead of butter and it is still absolutely delicious! Use the 1:1 ratio.

Baby Thrush
Dab a little bit in baby's mouth and if you breastfeed, apply it instead of nipple cream.

Diaper Rash
Works great for even the worst diaper rashes

Skin Exfoliator
Use 1/3 cup of melted coconut oil and 2-3 tablespoons of sugar. It smells so good too!

These two actually love coconut oil, and it has helped with bad breath.
Puppy Paws
Use on cracked dog paw pads.

Bad Dog Breath
The acid in it really helped my dogs bad breath. Just give them a little tsp.

Eyelash Enhancer
Apply to eyelashes at night, the fats naturally plump up your eyelashes.

I'm sure there are many more uses of coconut oil. These are the only one's I have tried so far. Let me know what you have used it for.

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