Monday, October 20, 2014

DIY Baby Photography Pose

I am always looking for creative photo ideas. Its not that I dress up my baby girl everyday and pose her, but I like to for special occasions or milestones. I would be completely broke if I took her to a professional photographer every time! When my daughter turned 5 months old, I wanted to take a picture of her outside and somehow incorporate a mirror since she love both.
I thought it would look cool to place her on top of the mirror and capture her reflection along with the sky and trees.

I used a curtain, an antique mirror and pillow as my props. First I found a location where the sun would work with me. I didn't use a flash, I worked with the natural light. I found that the best location was underneath a tree, with the sun behind me and the camera. I laid out a gray curtain, placed the mirror in top of it and pillow, then laid Isabella on top of it. I just let her do her thing! she loves looking at her reflection. I used the sports setting on the camera, that way it would continuously take photos. That way, I would have plenty to choose from.

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