Friday, October 24, 2014

Planting Bare Root Roses

Roses are beautiful classy flowers, there are so many different variations and hybrid roses and they are all lovely, but the classic all american beauty rose is one of my favorites. The deep red color, huge rose bud and fragrance is what attracts me to it.
All American Beauty Rose

Roses can be finicky, but if you plant it in the right location (well drained area with lots of sun) you will have roses to cut and fill your home with from as early as April to the end of October. 

Bare root roses are rose bushes that arrive looking like they would never grow. They have no buds, soil or leaves on them, sticks and dangling roots. They look dead to say the least. They are also coated in wax! 

First, you will buy the bare root rose from any local nursery during the fall. I actually got mine at Big Lots for $3 each (cha-ching!). Make sure you inspect the roses closely. Look for broken canes (sticks) and black roots. You want the roots to look health (dark brown and white).

Bare Root Rose Bush $3 a piece at Big Lots

Before you plant the bare root roses (must plant before first frost) soak the roots in a bucket of lukewarm water. Keep them moist, so not let them dry out. You need to measure how tall the plants is and dig a hole the same width. Place a small mound of dirt in the hole and spread the roots out.

Spread the roots over the mound of soil.
Cover the roots in dirt up to the bud union. The bud union is that bulky notch you see in te picture above right where the stem meets the roots. Make sure you cover the bud union so the frost will not destroy it. 

Next you will need to cut back each stem 2-4 inches. When your roses begin to grow in the spring, to keep them bushy and full keep trimming them back, don't worry they will continue to grow roses. In fact, it encourages new growth. Make sure you water them often in the spring and summer. It's best to water them by the roots. The roses and leaves can rot of you wet them to often. 

I have been successful growing them in clay soil. Just make use that there is plenty if sun and do not over water the roses. Clay is dense and retains water longer then dirt.
I fill my house with roses from Mid April through the end of October and they smell wonderful!

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